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Why Tulvari?

Jorma Niemonen, HVAC Engineering Jorma Niemonen, Kinnula

”Tulvari mukaan jo suunnitteluvaiheessa”

"Each year, we draw up over two hundred HVAC plans for sites all over Finland and nearly one hundred of these feature a boiler. We automatically add Tulvari protective trays to the plans for improved safety and faster installation. The bushing sleeves and gaskets for casings that come with Tulvari make installing water pipes and waterproofing casing roots easier. It is difficult to seal the roots of casings without Tulvari. Tulvari can also be equipped with a water leak sensor that can be connected to the building's alarm system."


Janne Jussila, CEO, LVI-Japexit Oy, Lumijoki

"Tulvari makes installation faster and easier"

”I have been using Tulvari protective trays for over 10 years. Our technicians value them as well and insist that they be used at each location. Using Tulvari is an inexpensive way to minimise the risk of water damage and make the installation process much faster and easier. It ensures a tidy result even during the tiling phase!"


Harry Parhiala, LVI-Hata Oy, Nokia

"Safety and a finished result!"

"We have been using Tulvari protective trays in almost all of our installation locations. If Tulvari is not included in the plan, we suggest it to the customer to ensure safety and a tidy result. Without Tulvari, areas around the boiler and pipes are usually left untiled, which makes them vulnerable to moisture damage. Tulvari protective trays ensure a safe and tidy result!"


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Tulvari Oy manufactures and markets products that prevent building leaks easily and affordably. This also prevents the possibility of more extensive and expensive water, moisture and mould damage. Tulvari protective trays are installed under domestic water heaters or manifolds during construction. The tray collects any leaked or condensed water from the pipes and the boiler and directs them to the drain.

Several major house builders use Tulvari products to make installation easier and to ensure a tidy result. Tulvari protective trays with floor outlets can be installed with a water leak sensor that can be connected to the building's alarm system. In the event of an alarm, a magnetic valve closes, thereby preventing damage from water leaks.


Tulvari makes pipe and equipment installation faster and easier. The Tulvari protective tray acts as a simple mounting rack, enabling for the tidy and organised installation of the manifold and all water pipes. Get professional results fast and easy!

The support legs make it easy to install Tulvari at the exact level of the floor tile. During the installation phase, the right number of casing penetrations are opened and pipes are installed in Tulvari in the order required by the manifold. This makes pipe connections fast and easy. The gasket installed in the casing penetration ensures that any water dripping from the casing is guaranteed to flow only through the drain in the protective tray. A patent for the new gasket is pending (Application No. 20105283). It is easy to install waterproofing and flooring in conjunction with Tulvari.


With Tulvari, no separate flooring is required at the installation location. The plastic tray and its surroundings are tidy and easy to keep clean. It is easy to install waterproofing and flooring in conjunction with Tulvari. The end result is always finished, high-quality and durable.